Monday, August 10, 2015


A lot of ‪#‎Hollywood‬ heartthrobs go after their nannies because these girls are young, adoring, and subservient. Since they’re barely out of their teens, their assessment faculties are not fully developed. (The prefrontal cortex of the brain skilled at weighing decisions doesn’t mature until the age of 25, if then.) And that’s just fine for the superficial, ego-driven actor. Meanwhile, the wife at home with the kids has seen beyond the mask of the movie star. Now she knows her box office draw is not so princely. So he loves that the nanny returns him to his imagined throne. And for this young girl to actually snag a star is the height of the “get.” Imagine her bragging rights with their impressionable, giddy girlfriends! Sadly, she misinterprets as “love" the excitement of stealing a heartthrob from his wife. But for a while, the nanny begins to believe her own press, just as the movie star has believed his. 

These unions can last—if the nanny remains naïve and enamored, and the heartthrob remains faithful. The likelihood of either or both of those situations occurring is thin. 

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