Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trust Before Passion

 . . . not the other way around--no matter how hot the promise!!  Otherwise, you're inviting heartache.

We've all been there . . . but let's learn from our mistakes!
Dr. Gilda

Friday, September 28, 2012


Is It a Date or Just Business? 


Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.)
30-Second Therapist

Sexual harassment suits!  Bad reps!  Accusing raps!  There are plenty of reasons to avoid office romance!  Yet, long hours, the opportunity to know someone well, and lots of pent up heat can provide a hotbed for love. So how do you indulge yet avoid the perils? 

And speaking of indulgences and perils, someone fantasizes a future with her married man. My Gilda-Gram is, “Trust is the basis for lasting passion.” (Save the PostCard on Pinterest!)  But chickie’s got it backwards! Oops! 

So what do you think? 
Dr. Gilda


Sunday, September 23, 2012


For me, it's been a great workout weekend!  Yesterday, I did a spin class, returned to my office to do some writing, and then went back to the gym for a GREAT Zumba class.  This morning, I did spin and Zumba again, but with different instructors.  My pal taught our spin class.  He's an ophthalmologist, and I prompted him to join me in Zumba.  He agreed, came in for 1 minute, saw the wild level of the dancing, and said he couldn't do it--and left.  Not ALL doctors can't dance!  Oh, will I tease him!!  

Right now, I'm ridding myself of old clothes I don't wear.  It's a wonderful feeling of freedom!  My regret this weekend so far is that I missed the birthday party of my friend, Randy Jones, the Cowboy in the Village People.  It's always a fun event each year, but I just couldn't make it last night.  Next year!  I'll continue my clearing out . . .  Then it's time to meditate, and explore the wonders of this gorgeous and crisp sunny New York day.

Be well and happy!
Dr. Gilda

Friday, September 21, 2012

"BAD LUCK" IS A CHOICE : 30-Second Therapist

Why Do I Have Bad Luck with Men? 


Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.) 
30-Second Therapist

Guys, we create our own “luck.” If we believe otherwise, we become VICTIMS.  Sure, things happen to us, but how we RESPOND is totally in our power.  Blaming Disease is rampant!  It's my life’s work to show how damaging this is, and how to change it!  What do you think? 

By the way, thanx for your extraordinary support of my Gilda-Gram Caricature PostCards.  The growing collection is on Pinterest and now some greeting card companies have expressed interest.  I could not have launched these without your help, and I’m eternally grateful.

Please keep your comments flowing!

Dr. Gilda

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Great & Grateful Day!

It was a gorgeous and cool New York day with glorious sun!  Montel's brother, Herman Williams III, took me for drinks at the beautiful Ca Va, one of Todd English's restaurants.  Besides reminiscing about all the TV shows we did together in the past, and all we plan to do in the future, he showed me his new book.  I won't even tell you the controversial title.  WATCH FOR IT.  He'll be all over the media talking about it within just days.

While we were enjoying ourselves, I looked up and there was the author of "50 Shades of Grey"!!  I had just seen her photo in the newspaper.  In person, she looks like anywoman, anyhousewife, anymother, NOT the sex crazed characters she writes about.  What a hoot!!

Then I was off to the Harvard Club for a beautiful pastoral discussion with the MasterMedia group I've become so fond of.  The conversation stimulated my imagination for some inspiring concepts to include in my next columns.  

As I walked the blocks to fetch my car in the crisp darkness,  I thought of how grateful I am for all I have and all the friends I know.  Thank you to all my readers for contributing to my personal appreciation for life!
Dr. Gilda

Today's Gilda-Gram

Today's Gilda-Gram

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Prince William Must Be Traumatized By Kate 

Middleton’s Topless Photos

Poor Prince William. His beloved mother died in a paparazzi car chase, and now he wasn’t able to protect his wife from a paparazzi’s telephoto lense. He may feel he’s failed his wife, warns an expert.

Prince William, you must be feeling so powerless to protect your lovely wife Kate Middleton, now that French magazine Closer has published her topless photos on its cover.
No doubt you feel violated and intruded upon. Who wouldn’t? But for you, it must feel even worse than it would for one of us regular folks or even for the average Hollywood star.
That’s because your dearly loved mother, Princess Diana of Wales, died at the young age of 36, after being hounded and literally chased by aggressive paparazzi.She was killed in a horrible car crash after a high speed car chase with a dozen paparazzi on motorcycles trailing her car.
You had to have been scarred by that experience. Losing a mother at a young age is life altering enough when it happens due to illness or an accident. But when you’ve lost your mom tragically due to privacy-invading fame, it is horribly unique.
Now, 15 years later, you must feel like you are reliving that terrifying and grief-stricken time.
Despite everything you’ve done to protect the woman you love, she has been violated by a photographer who snapped photos of her topless and bottomless while sunbathing.
“This has to be traumatizing for Prince William because he’s already lived this horror,” explained celebrity relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle of “Repeat of a trauma can be very very disturbing.”
Furthermore, this incident could be making Prince William, who is so responsible all the time, feel inadequate, which is a horrible feeling for a man, believes Dr. Gilda, the 30-second therapist on “He may imagine that he has failed his wife in his protection and one of the things that a woman wants most is for her man to protect her. So he may feel that he’s let his wife down.”
And of course for William, this is a particularly sensitive situation because of his mom.



Bitácora sentimental: Perry y Mayer, un amor de papel

    A ojos cerrados parece que esta relación jamás funcionará, sin embargo hay ciertas razones que llevan a esta pareja a vivir su romance

    Recuerda que puedes comentar esta, y otras notas, en nuestra página de Facebook.

    Es terrible ver a alguien como Katy Perry, que justo va saliendo de un divorcio, tras un efímero matrimonio, se vea inmiscuida con un personaje tan inestable como John  Mayer.
    Nos preguntamos, ¿qué puede tener de bueno el señor Mayer que todas caen rendidas a sus pies?
    No lo sabemos con certeza, lo que sí podemos decir es que la señorita Perry se la está pasando muy bien con él,  seguramente tiene razones de peso para poner en riesgo su reputación.

    Lo último que sabemos de la pareja es que visitaron un club streaptease en Las Vegas y trascendió también que tuvieron una acalorada discusión tras la entrega de los MTV Video Music Awards. Se dijo que incluso habían terminado, pero al parecer decidieron darse otra oportunidad.
    Y volviendo a las razones, de acuerdo con el sitio E! Entertaiment Television, la famosa terapeuta de parejas Gilda Carle señaló lo siguiente:
    1)    Perry tendrá publicidad instantánea. Cada vez que se les vea juntos se hará noticia de ello.
    2)    Como sucedió con Jessica Simpson, cuando Mayer alabó sus cualidades en la cama, quizá Katy podría ser la próxima en convertirse en un ícono sexual.
    3)    Mayer podría escribir alguna canción sobre ella y viceversa, Perry podría hacerlo también.
    4)    Ambos están en el mundo de la música.
    5)    Empatía inmediata con la cantante ( a lo que yo más bien le llamaría lástima colectiva), porque al terminar mal con el comediante Russell Brand, en caso de resultar abandonada también por Mayer, la prensa y los fans seguro estarán con ella.
    Sólo el tiempo nos dirá qué rumbo tomará esta pareja,  a ojo de buen cubero sólo les podemos decir que ambos buscan diversión y una que otra satisfacción.

    Katy Perry y John Mayer

    Nació el 16 de octubre de 1977, es  músico, compositor y productor discográfico estadounidense. Estudió en Berklee College of Music de Boston, Massachusetts. Inició su carrera tocando rock acústico, acercándose poco a poco hacia el género del blues, llegando a colaborar en 2005 con artistas como B. B. King, Buddy Guy y Eric Clapton.

    Ganó el premio Grammy en 2007 en la categoría de mejor álbum vocal pop por Continuum y mejor interpretación vocal pop masculina por "Waiting on the World to Change.

    También ha hecho stand-up comedy, diseño gráfico y ha escrito columnas para algunas revistas, como Esquire. Y  tiene su propia fundación filantrópica llamada Back to You.

    Tiene muchos tatuajes, tiene el brazo izquierdo completamente cubierto por uno de estilo japonés, tiene tatuado un 77 (su fecha de nacimiento) y las palabras Home y Life.

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    WAITING VS. AUTONOMY: 30-Second Therapist

    Should I Wait for Him to Commit?


    Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.)

    30-Second Therapist

    Happiness evolves from the level of autonomy you feel.  Where’s the autonomy—or happiness—in waiting for a partner to love you?  Yet one woman still wonders if she should.

    This week’s “30-Second Therapist” introduces an exciting new feature: My Gilda-Grams, or “Inspirational Messages to Remember & Refer,” are now on Caricature PostCards!  

    Today’s Gilda-Gram is mightily autonomous:  “What you accept, you teach.” 

    In the column below, click the Gilda-Gram link, connected to my Pinterest, and SAVE IT to work its inspirational magic on you!! 

    Please continue your uplifting feedback to me.  I LOVE it!!
    Dr. Gilda

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    The Day After 9/11

    It was the most gorgeous New York day today: crisp, but with a hot sun.  It's hard to believe that yesterday was such a sad anniversary downer.  I have such tenderness in my heart for the troops who continue to defend us, and who, if they are lucky, return to try to collect their lives.  So many of the military write to me with relationship issues.  I will be working with them in the future.  

    Today started at 5:30 AM at the gym with a killer spin class run by my pal, an ophthalmologist.  Then off to do my day.  I met a great new acupuncturist who's also an MD.  He did some work on a tendon that had popped while I was lifting heavy weights on Friday.  I had such fun meeting his office staff, especially the hot DC who owns the practice.  The DC INSISTED on valeting my car so it wouldn't get a parking ticket.  He even sweetly put money in a parking meter for me, which I didn't know about until later.  Talk about personalized service!  What nice guys!!  The MD recognized me from TV, so we had some good conversation in between the DC's darting in and out of my exam room.  Uh, before you jump to conclusions, everyone was fully clothed!!

    Then off to see my Creative Director who did my hair.  I grabbed a salad from Whole Foods and returned to my office to conduct business, hire some artists, and write my new 30-Second Therapist column for this week's  My electrician friend stopped by in the evening to put finishing touches on my renovated kitchen and bedroom.  I love how inviting these rooms are now.  I added soft red mood lights behind my prodigious bed's headboard--and he teased me about how I would use them.  Now I'm about to confer with my IT guy.  It was a great day, and I feel fulfilled.  

    I hope your day was just as sunny!  And I pray this country and all its inhabitants will feel grace and gratitude for their own sunny days . . . 
    Dr. Gilda

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Gilda-Gram for Today

    Am I Settling? 30-Second Therapist

    Am I Settling? 


    Dr. Gilda Carle (Ph.D.)
    30-Second Therapist

    One of the most asked questions for people in relationships and businesses alike is, “Am I settling?”  This concept hits you with the possibility that you may be accepting crumbs in a crumby face-off.  And it reeks of desperation, a word no one wants to own.  But as you will see in my response, sometimes the question of “settling” is not the real question at all.

    Our second query is from a woman who wants to tame her shrew of a mother-in-law.  Oh, really? 

    What do you guys think?
    Dr. Gilda

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Kristen's Message to Rob

    Kristen Stewart’s Message To Robert Pattinson: I Want You Back spoke with experts immediately after Kristen was spotted wearing Rob’s t-shirt at the airport in Toronto on Sept. 5 and we can tell you exactly what this means. Read on to find out what Kristen is feeling!

    Kristen Stewart is absolutely devastated and there’s nothing she can do to hide it. The actress has been more or less in hiding since the news of her affair broke in July and now can tell you that our experts have analyzed Kristen’s behavior and can tell you why she keeps walking around in Robert Pattinson‘s clothes.
    We told you that Kristen wore skinny jeans and Rob’s t-shirt from 2011, she’s in Toronto for the premiere of her new movie On The Road.
    “Wearing Rob’s shirt suggests Kristen is not willing or ready to let go of him, their relationship, or the memory of what they had,” Today Show’s 30-Second Therapist, Dr. Gilda Carle tells us. ”  This may seem peculiar, but olfactory sensations are major draws to someone, and they have been researched and explored in many studies.  If the shirt has not been washed, she may also be gaining comfort from his body smell print.  All in all, it translates to her unwillingness or unpreparedness to let go, at least at this time.”
    Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman agrees with with Dr. Gilda, that it’s very clear that Kristen is “hurt” and is doing her best to not lose hope that she can’t get Rob back.
    “By wearing his clothes again, she is trying to comfort herself,” Dr. Lieberman tells us. “And to send Rob a message that she misses him and wants to get back together.”

    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    HBO's "Telling Nicholas" Doc: 11 Yrs Later!

    11 YEARS LATER!!:  Nicholas & Robert Lanza, with whom I appeared in HBO's Emmy Award winning documentary, "Telling Nicholas," where I guided this family to tell their 7-year-old (Nicholas) that his mom died in the World Trade Center bombing.  It was a tearful reunion.  Nicholas is now 18 years old, and he's just begun college!!  These two men will forever be in my life.